A guide to getting Invisalign from our dentist


Most people who want to have their teeth straightened in their adult years will be looking for the most straightforward option that is as visually discreet as possible. If you have a mild misalignment at the front of your mouth, you will be happy to learn that there is an option for you to receive invisible aligners.

As the name suggests, invisible aligners are the closest thing that you can get to an orthodontic tool that is not visible, as they are made of clear plastic and are custom fitted to your mouth.

When you come to see our team at Quest Dental Care, we will be more than happy to discuss the likelihood of you having treatment with Invisalign in Ipswich, using the compassionate and dedicated oversight of our team. We pride ourselves on making each process that our patients undergo as easy as possible, so you can get the straighter smile that you want in the minimal possible time.

With that in mind, what is the procedure for you to get Invisalign in Ipswich?

The consultation

If you want to receive treatment with Invisalign in Ipswich, you will need to see our team for a consultation. At this, we will assess the condition of your teeth and gums and will ascertain whether or not you would be suitable for this system. As mentioned earlier, if you have a mild to moderate case of dental misalignment at the front of your mouth, then it is highly likely that you will be suitable and, if you tick all of the boxes, we will then take an intraoral scan of your teeth as the starting position and basis for the first aligner in the series.

Aligners are made

The intraoral scan that we have taken will be sent to a dental laboratory where using associated digital software, a team of orthodontic technicians will use digital vector points to move your teeth. These vector points will then be printed using a 3D printer in the form of dental aligners. In a set of aligners, there will usually be between 12 to 14 of them and these will then be sent back to our dental surgery for you to collect.

Wear and care

You will need to wear the aligners for around 22 hours per day and you will need to keep them clean by rinsing them under a cold water tap. To ensure that the aligner is staying in one piece, we always advise you to carry them around in the case provided to you and do not under any circumstances place them into your bag or pocket when they’re not in use. This can cause them to warp out of shape or become damaged.


As these aligners are removable, they do not require adjusting or tightening and so, you will not need to attend many appointments with our team. But you will need to send us weekly photos so we can see how the process is going with the aligners, which will help us to spot if there are any potential issues.


If you lose or break one of your aligners, you will need to contact our team to have it replaced so that the treatment can go on as planned. Do not go onto the next aligner in the sequence, unless our team gives you the green light to do so. Re-ordering aligners usually takes around 2 weeks so for the interim, we will usually recommend that you wear the previous aligner in the sequence.

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