At Quest Dental Care, we offer several options for dentures so that our patients can walk away with natural looking and comfortable dentures that work for them.

Dentures, also known as false teeth, are a cost effective teeth replacement option that attach over gums. Our dentures are crafted with excellent technique and care, and are durable and long lasting.

Our team of experts are trained to help you choose the best possible denture, allowing you to replace missing teeth in as little as five days. Our dentures include: complete dentures (to replace all teeth), partial dentures (where some teeth still remain), custom dentures (bespoke and customised to suit you), same day dentures and implant retained dentures.

For more information on our dentures, as well as other available tooth replacement options, why not organise your consultation with one of our dental experts?


We always advise to consider tooth replacement options as soon as a tooth is lost. When you lose a tooth, adjacent teeth can begin to move, causing sensitivity and the risk of gum infection. Dentures are just one tooth replacement option – another treatment may be better suited to you. You can discuss your options during your consultation with our expert.

We offer several denture options including: 

Complete dentures – for someone looking to replace all teeth. These are removable dentures that can removed when you sleep or wish to clean them. The more gum bone you have, the better the fit.

Partial dentures – for someone who still has natural teeth remaining. These removable dentures can replace front, back, upper or lower teeth.

Custom dentures – bespoke and personalised for you. They are custom fit and provide a more natural appearance than most false teeth. Customise the shade and texture of the gum, and the colour, shape and size of the tooth. Test out trial models before walking away with the final set of teeth. We work with you to get the optimal fit, and bite alignment of your denture.

Same day dentures – a complete denture is provided after the removal of all teeth. No waiting period means you won’t be without teeth. Once the healing period is over, we book you again for a final fitting.

Implant retained dentures – we fit several implants in the jaw, onto which a set of false teeth will securely be placed. These dentures are a perfect fit, meaning no movements – a better alternative to loose-fitting dentures! An implanted retained denture is less invasive and considerably more affordable than full mouth dental implants.

We offer dentures made from either metal or acrylic. Metal dentures are known for their durability, grip and chewing experience. They are popular thanks to their better fit. Acrylic dentures are the more affordable option, but aren’t as durable as metal dentures, and require more attention to cleaning. Your dentist will provide you with more information about each type of denture during your visit.

Dentures should be changed every 5-7 years. When dentures become loose or uncomfortable to wear, it’s a good sign that your dentures may need changing. Other signs you should look out for include wear and tear, irritation of gums and difficulty in speaking.

Depending on the type and material, you can walk away with your dentures in five days. We also offer same day dentures.


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