A guide to root canals by our dentist


The majority of dental patients have heard of root canals.

And, if you are like most people, the idea of having one fitted might make you wince slightly!

However, if you are told you need a root canal, there is some good news! You will not need to have a tooth extracted, and your smile will remain as striking as ever because this process does not cause your teeth to turn colour.

At Quest Dental Care, our dentist in Ipswich has performed hundreds of root canals and can attest to the benefits and ease of this procedure. We pride ourselves on our aftercare and compassion towards our patients, so if you are worried about having a root canal, our team will be more than happy to answer any questions that you have.

So, rather than feeling concerned about the process, read on for a short and informative guide to root canals put together by our dentist in Ipswich.

Why would you need a root canal?

In most cases, our dentist in Ipswich would perform a root canal if you were suffering from a dental abscess.

An abscess is an infection that occurs in the pulp of the tooth and is usually accompanied by swelling, discomfort and a feeling of being unwell. We may also perform a root canal if you have had a tooth that has been split due to trauma or, in very rare cases, if you have dental sensitivity that is not responding to other treatment methods.

Having a root canal fitted

The process of having a root canal fitted is extremely straightforward.

We will numb your mouth before we begin and then, we will drill into the tooth, straight down to reach the pulp. Once there, we will begin to gently remove the infected debris and once the tooth is cleaned, we will fill it with a substance known as gutta-percha. Finally, we will top the root canal off with either a filling or a crown.


There is no specific aftercare required when you have a root canal.

Although, be aware that the area will likely feel sore and a bit bruised in the days following the treatment, which is normal. You should also refrain from having your teeth professionally whitened for at least 2 months post-treatment, to prevent extreme soreness which can occur as the area is healing and is aggravated by bleaches.


Once it has been fitted, a root canal that is maintained with good oral hygiene should easily last the rest of your life without the infection recurring. If you suspect that it is, then see our team as soon as possible.

Potential complications

As mentioned, you will need to maintain the hygiene of your mouth after a root canal to ensure that the tooth does not become decayed and aggravate the root canal, so you will need to attend regular check-ups with our team. Also, if you have an extensive root system that is tangled, you may need to be referred to an endodontic (or root canal) specialist.

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