All that you should know about Invisalign in Ipswich


For some people, having a smile they’re happy with is as simple as waking up every morning, brushing their teeth and going about their day. For the rest of us, however, Invisalign in Ipswich provides another option. Here at Quest Dental Care, we believe that the key to quality patient care is getting to know our patients on an individual basis. We want you to feel safe and comfortable from the minute you enter our practice. With Invisalign in Ipswich, getting the straight, bright smile you can be proud of has never been easier.

In this short article, we will introduce you to Invisalign in Ipswich and talk you through the process, as well as all the benefits that come with it.

Am I suitable?

If the misalignment to your teeth is only small, you might be wondering if the clear aligner alternative is the right choice for you. No matter the reason you’re unhappy with your smile, we promise to always have your best interests at heart when recommending this treatment. Do you have an underbite, crossbite or overbite? Then the aligners may well be able to straighten your teeth to a point where they will meet. If you also suffer from overcrowded teeth or gaps between your teeth, this treatment can help to space them out more evenly or bring them closer together, depending on your goals.

The consultation

Before the treatment process begins, we will invite you for your initial consultation appointment. During this appointment, we want to get to know you on an individual basis. We understand that each person and their teeth are unique, so being honest with us about any concerns will only put you in the most favourable position. During the consultation we will take a look at your mouth, teeth and gums as well as taking a detailed dental history. We might take some pre-scans and images for us to research after your appointment, ensuring that the treatment plan we prescribe addresses all of your needs accurately. During this time, we will endeavour to answer any of your questions and provide you with all the necessary information and knowledge.

The process

The treatment process is quite simple compared to other dental options. Using 3D scans and X-rays we will create your unique aligners as well as a simulation of your future smile. Every two weeks, you will be advised to switch the aligners for a new set, which will continuously add pressure to your teeth and keep them moving into the desired position. We will be sure to check in on you during this process to allow for complete control of your tooth movements, making small adjustments were neccesary.

The benefits

The main benefit of the aligner treatment is that the aligners are invisible, or clear. Nobody will know that you’re wearing them unless you announce it yourself, which can be great for those who are embarrassed or insecure about the process. The aligners are also completely removable which only further improves dental hygiene and allows you to take care of your teeth during the treatment process. Moving your teeth into their desired position will on average take around 12 months, which is again beneficial for those who would like to move fast with their journey. Having straight teeth will also benefit the surrounding gums, as well as offering support to keep healthy teeth and jaws.

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