Could Invisalign in Ipswich be exactly what you need?


Have you been looking for a solution to your dental misalignment for years, but never found a system that felt right for you? One that would adapt to your lifestyle? Ultra-subtle whilst worn and easy to maintain? Well you could finally be in luck. We at Quest Dental Care are proud providers of Invisalign in Ipswich and want to explain the positives that Invisalign in Ipswich has to offer.

What are Invisalign in Ipswich aligners?

Invisalign are clear, plastic trays that are moulded to sit perfectly flush over the top of your teeth. They have minute differences to your teeth, which is how they apply pressure to each tooth to encourage it to move. Unlike the braces you might be used to seeing they actually come in sets, it’s not one brace that’s adjusted over time, but a series of new trays that you slowly move through over the course of the treatment. The further along the series you go the closer your teeth get to being the smile you desired in the first place.

Why are they so great?

Well Invisalign is actually a special system for a number of reasons, but to begin with we’ll start with the benefit that we at the practice love the most.


Maybe not the first benefit you’d be thinking of, but one with one of the biggest payoffs. It’s amazing how many patients we see at our surgery who come in during or post orthodontic treatment with signs of gum disease or decay. Neither of these are usually the patient’s fault, it’s just that traditional braces can be a little tricky to clean at times with the wires and brackets making reaching between teeth and the gum line difficult.

With Invisalign this isn’t a trouble you’ll need to tackle, the aligners are completely removable and as such your teeth are just as easy to clean as they were prior to Invisalign being fitted.


The aligners themselves are designed for comfort, they aren’t bulky or rough in any way and so it’s highly unlikely you’ll be getting sores or rubbing on your gums and lips from the aligners. Plus, because the force used by the system is so subtle it’s just generally a more comfortable process than some previous forms of straightening.


Braces have upped their image thanks to social media and our favourite influencers being bold about wearing them. They have actually become cool. There’s no need to feel embarrassed or worried if you’ve decided to straighten your smile no matter what your age and with Invisalign being pretty much invisible it’s really not a worry when it comes to thinking about head turns and comments from peers, family or friends. Starting an orthodontic treatment is about you doing something for you and embracing the empowerment that comes with it is a good thing.

Extra bonus points

There is one stand-out benefit of Invisalign and that is they are removable, so if you do have your best pal’s wedding or a big birthday bash round the corner you can, every now again on super special occasions, take the aligners out and flash your new grin in progress.

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