Dental Implants – Could They Be The Fix For You?


One of the biggest technological advances in dentistry has been the evolution of the dental implant. Prior to the implant the options for tooth replacement were limited and though those options are fantastic they aren’t always long-term solutions. If you’ve lost your teeth to an injury or decay dental implants can be an excellent option that have the capabilities of lasting a lifetime.

Why Choose Dental Implants in Ipswich?

Losing a tooth is actually super common, far more so that you probably realise and actually though it can be a really traumatic time there are some fantastic options for tooth replacement available that can make a challenging time far more relaxing. And this is no more true than when we look at dental implants in Ipswich.

Dental Implants are amazing for a number of reasons but the benefit that stands out more than any other is that they actually help your body naturally recover from tooth loss. Let me explain a little bit more.

If you lose your tooth due to bone loss then dental implants in Ipswich will encourage the bone to regenerate in the area of loss. This happens because if our bones aren’t being stimulated they naturally turn off the bone in that area and stop making more – this is a problem as it can then lead to further tooth loss as the bone weakens on either side of the lost tooth.

Equally if you lose a tooth in an accident the dental implants will keep the bone stimulated and so you again won’t run the risk of losing more teeth.

Then of course there’s the look, dental implants are specially designed and made to look like your natural teeth, so there’s no need to worry about an odd looking tooth next to your natural teeth. This leads me on to the function, dental implants are implanted into the jaw, and so you can live exactly as you did before the loss, eating and cleaning as you would have prior.

How Successful Are They?

We at Quest Dental Care have experienced excellent results from dental implants and can’t recommend them highly enough. There are a few things to take note of if you’re thinking about pursuing them as an option. Firstly is your age – dental implants can be a big procedure and sometimes it’s worth weighing up all the other options. Where the dental implants are and how many you could need and your overall health.

One major contender on if you’re suitable or not is how healthy your gums are – if you’ve lost your teeth due to gum disease then all the disease needs to be gone and you need to have adopted a better practice when it comes to your oral hygiene before we’ll even consider you for dental implants. Though the dental implants are false they are cepepatable to infection just as your natural teeth are and can fall victim to decay just as natural teeth do.

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