Dental implants in Ipswich, are they worth it?


Dental implants in Ipswich have taken off to new heights in the last fifteen years with more and more adults opting for this long-lasting tooth replacement over more traditional methods. However, if you’ve done your research it’s likely you’ll have noticed a couple of things; they come with a significant price tag and they can be complex to fit. For that reason, we at Quest Dental Care have put together a little guide on implants in Ipswich, so you have all you need to know directly from your dentist here at our practice.

What are dental implants in Ipswich?

If you aren’t 100{14bd6e36699cb5be36d471956e3498386e7c0389c641530eb7b6f2f8e9214320} sure on exactly how dental implants work then fear not, here’s a quick bite size run down on exactly what they are and how they work.

Implants are in most cases made from titanium – they are a screw system with the anchor being drilled into your jawbone and then the crown/false tooth being screwed into it. This locks it in place and keeps the tooth permanently attached to your jaw. This is unlike any other tooth replacement system as it has the ability to last a patient’s lifetime if correctly cared for.


One of the biggest concerns we get from patients regarding dental implants is that they worry in case these devices are complicated and painful to fit. It’s hard to be specific about exactly what will happen, because dental implants are so unique to the individual case. There are multiple factors which contribute to how easy or difficult they are to fit and how much discomfort the process will cause to the patients. However, in our experience the large percentage of patients we see are amazed at how smoothly they are able to work through each stage of the process. Mostly, through following our aftercare guidelines, they have been able to make complete and speedy recoveries from the procedures needed to fit the implants.


It’s hard not to acknowledge the initial outgoing cost of dental implants, as they do sit in the upper levels of cost for any type of dental treatment. That being said, they are very special in that they are the only dental replacement system that has the potential to last the patient’s entire lifetime if taken care of correctly. This in addition to being the only false tooth system that actually encourages bone regeneration and development and as such stops the patient from losing more teeth in the future. From this we are sure you’re more than capable of seeing that though the initial cost feels like a big investment, it is an investment that can potentially give you back your lifestyle as it was, prior to any tooth loss at all.

If you would like to learn more about dental implants and ways in which you can pay for them or even just to get a better understanding of whether they could be a serious solution for you, then don’t hesitate to contact our practice and one of the team will be more than happy to assist you.

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