Enjoy a smile makeover and general check-ups with our dentist in Ipswich


If you’re looking to find a new local dental practice in Suffolk why not consider our dentist in Ipswich? Here at Quest Dental Care our patients are our number one priority and we have dedicated staff and qualified professionals on hand to assist you with all your dental health needs.

From routine cleaning and general check-ups to cosmetic dentistry and orthodontics, we can assist both you and your family to have a healthy smile and teeth.

If you’re looking to update your smile and are not sure where to begin, our smile makeover treatment option may be ideal for you. Are you considering getting veneers or have you thought about clear aligners and whether they are right for you? We also offer Invisalign as a suitable treatment option for candidates looking to have clear aligners.

Modern practice rooms conveniently located near the high street

Our modern dentist in Ipswich is conveniently located near the high street and is close to a wide variety of retail stores and transport links. If you’re considering an appointment for a routine check-up or would like to have a consultation regarding a more complex dental issue our friendly receptionist would be happy to help arrange a visit with our dentist in Ipswich.

Consider dental implants as a treatment option today

Do you suffer from missing teeth or loose dentures? Are you looking for an alternative solution? We recommend having dental implants to replace missing teeth as the results are highly effective and long lasting. Did you know that it’s possible for your implant to last as long as 20 years with the right care?

The results are also extremely natural so it’s impossible to notice the artificial tooth from your original teeth. The implant is custom-made to appear as close to the shade of your natural teeth as possible so that it can blend in.

Another advantage of having dental implants is that they grant you the freedom to eat and drink without worrying about the implications. Loose teeth may cause discomfort and pain while dental implants offer more stability and allow you to eat normally without the added stress.

Are you considering having Invisalign and are not sure whether it’s right for you?

From traditional metal braces to clear aligners such as Invisalign we offer a range of orthodontic procedures to assist our patients in achieving a smile they can be happy with.

For those patients wondering about the benefits of Invisalign, you should know that almost 8 million patients to date have experienced improvement in their smiles as a result of these aligners and we are happy to offer the alignment system here at our practice.

Thanks to its discreet appearance, Invisalign has become increasingly popular. Highly sought after, these clear aligners owe their popularity to their ability to appear invisible and blend in with your natural teeth as opposed to visible metal braces.

If you feel like the appearance of your teeth in their current state is affecting your confidence and holding you back in life, we recommend considering having Invisalign. Another advantage is that you can seek this treatment as both a teenager and an adult. It’s not too late to want help to have a healthy, happy smile.

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