I’m Scared of the Dentist – What Do I Do?


Firstly, don’t worry you really aren’t the only one! Dental fear is super common and has been a source of anxiety for so many people and we at Quest Dental Care totally understand and empathise, having someone poke and prod a super sensitive personal area rightfully can feel a little daunting. We want to reassure all our patients that your dentist in Ipswich is here to help you. We want to work with you to find a way of getting the dental health care you deserve with a little less stress.

Anxiety or phobia?

Before we get into the nitty gritty of top tips for quieting the dental butterflies we wanted to talk you through a really important bit of information on dental worries.

There are two different kinds of worries when we’re looking at the dentist – dental anxiety and dental phobia.

Dental phobia is when you are so scared you can’t ever imagine setting foot in a dentist and would rather sit in pain than go for treatment. This could cause you really overwhelming feelings of emotions and even cause panic attacks. If you think this is what you’re suffering from then you might need to contact your GP before trying to get an appointment with us so we can all work together in finding a long term viable solution for you.

Dental anxiety is slightly different in that though the dentist does cause you serious worries you are able to get to the dentist if you’re experiencing discomfort but this will disrupt your life. It’s also common that those with dental anxiety won’t seek out dental check ups regularly but will leave the dentist until they are experiencing an issue. Sound like you? Well hopefully we can help a little as your dentist in Ipswich has put together a few little positive pointers to get you to visit us.

Top Tips To Calm The Dental Butterflies

NUMBER ONE – Come and see us! Finding ways to familiarise yourself with a new setting is an excellent way to make yourself more comfortable. There’s nothing worse than trying to tackle a problem in a new place and there’s no need to. The team at Quest Dental Care will happily welcome you in and answer any questions or concerns you have about dental treatment.

NUMBER TWO – Bring a loved one. As an adult it can feel a little uncomfortable to want someone with you but actually why not? We all need a helping hand to squeeze once in a while and having someone you trust and know loves and cares about you could really be the reassurance you need to relax into treatment.

NUMBER THREE – Take things slow. With dentistry prevention is always better than cure and so you don’t want to be coming in for the first time in need of a big treatment plan. Coming for a quick little check up is less invasive and really helps you to feel comfortable – from there we can build on things you need to take your oral health to the next level.

If you think you or a loved one is suffering from dental anxiety, don’t suffer in silence contact the practice to start getting the support you deserve from your dentist in Ipswich today.

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