Let’s talk about dental implants in Ipswich


If you suffered an injury or trauma to your mouth, you might have lost one or multiple of your teeth. Maybe you’ve lost your teeth as you have started to age, which is a lot more common than you would think. Have you considered dental implants in Ipswich? This effective treatment can offer you artificial teeth with all the benefits of real teeth, lasting up to 20 years with the proper care! Here at Quest Dental Care, we want you to have a smile you can be confident in. We understand that losing your teeth can have more than physical impacts. A quick trip to our dental office can have you well on your way back to confidence.

In this short article, a member of our team will talk you through dental implants in Ipswich, including the whole process and all the benefits you will experience.


You might be wondering if you’re a good candidate for dental implants in Ipswich, but this is not something you should worry about yourself. The leading cause of tooth loss is periodontal disease, also known as gum disease, but it is likely that you’ve lost your teeth for a number of other reasons. This can be through injury, trauma or old age. If you suffer from diabetes, too, you might be at more risk for tooth loss and gum disease than those around you, but that doesn’t mean you deserve a bright smile any less. No matter the way you lose your teeth, we can help. During your initial appointment with us, we’ll take a detailed dental history and thoroughly assess your mouth, including your teeth and gums. This will allow us to see if the implants are the right course of action for you.

The process

The treatment process is fairly straightforward to understand, but it is extremely important that you ask us any questions you might have and allow us to quiet the concerns rattling around your head. There are three parts of the implant, starting with the screw, then the abutment, and then the crown, which is the artificial tooth. First, we will install the screw into your jaw, which will act as a new root. There will, in some cases, be some time between this part of the treatment and the adding of your fake tooth. This is just to ensure that the screw is fusing with the rest of your mouth and to tackle any issues that may arise. Then, the abutment and crown will be installed on top of the screw, giving you a brand new tooth, despite it being an artificial one!

The benefits

We’re sure you can already see the benefits of an artificial tooth building in your mind, but in case you have missed some, here is our shortlist:

Your artificial tooth will be matched in shape and shade to your real teeth. This allows you peace of mind when out in public and won’t stop you from smiling! Nobody will even know you’ve had the implant if you don’t want them to.

Similarly, your artificial tooth will act exactly like your real one. You won’t need to continue making excessive changes to your lifestyle and diet, allowing you to get back all your motor skills and speak with ease.

Finally, the screw now implanted into your jaw will further stimulate new growth and offer support to your facial structure, avoiding any sunken features that can sometimes arise when there is a gap in your jaw.

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