Signs you need to see our emergency dentist


Are you unsure if that toothache is worth an emergency dental appointment?

If it is causing distraction, it probably is!

At Quest Dental Care, our emergency dentist in Ipswich can offer fast relief to all manner of dental emergencies, helping you get out of discomfort and back on track as soon as possible. Great!

In this article, our dentist in Ipswich explores 5 signs that you need to see an emergency dentist. Enjoy!


Many people who see our emergency dentist in Ipswich have some kind of discomfort in their mouths, which can be caused by anything from a cavity to a severe dental infection.

Regardless of the cause, if you have discomfort that is not abating in your mouth, sudden sensitivity when drinking hot or cold beverages, or you are being distracted by dental pain, please call our team!


Swelling to the face, jaw, gums or general oral areas requires urgent treatment before it begins to press on the airway or cause problems with eating and or breathing.

Even if your swelling is not uncomfortable, you should still seek emergency treatment, as the underlying cause is likely to be severe, such as a dental abscess or even an impacted tooth.

Both of these require urgent treatment and should be considered medical emergencies.


Oral bleeds are not uncommon, especially if you play rugby, have a manual job or simply have some misaligned teeth.
But, if you are experiencing an oral bleed that is not slowing down after around 20 minutes, with the application of clean gauze to the area, then you need to see our team urgently.

This will allow us to stem the bleed using either stitches or surgical glue, and assess the cause, while also preventing further blood loss.


Many people have cracked or chipped a tooth at one time or another but few people realise that this is a dental emergency.

Why? Because the surface of a healthy tooth is smooth and as such, it is harder for plaque and bacteria to adhere to any one part of it. But, should you chip it or crack it, a dent forms, along with cracks that are not visible, heightening the chance of bacteria getting underneath the tooth and causing problems.

If you have cracked or chipped one of your teeth, we will repair it with a composite filling, which will smooth the area and restore the tooth, while keeping your smile white. Great!

Lost filling or crown

As great as restoratives are, they very rarely last forever, especially if you have a crown or filling that is made from a metal base or amalgam.

Should you notice that you have a loose crown or filling, then you should call our team as soon as possible, even if you are not experiencing any discomfort. Alternatively, if you have already lost one of your restoratives, then you will still need to have a same-day appointment. This is to prevent decay from getting in around the now exposed parts of the tooth and to prevent dental abscesses from forming.

A simple refitting of the restorative will prevent this and help keep your mouth healthy.

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