Smile broadly with the help of dental implants in Ipswich


Here at Quest Dental Care, we know that having a gap in the teeth can make some of our patients feel self-conscious. It may hinder their ability to talk or smile freely and we want our patients to smile with confidence.

For some patients, the loss of a tooth can be a challenging situation to manage. If you’re struggling to pronounce your words or with the ability to chew certain foods or even just to smile broadly in public, you may be an ideal candidate for dental implants in Ipswich.

Our helpful guide shares some of the incredible benefits dental implants in Ipswich have to offer our patients and the long-lasting effects they bring.

Dental implants may help to improve your speech

Did you know that your natural speech may be affected from missing teeth or a gap in your mouth? Your teeth play a role in how specific sounds are made and without them your speech may be negatively affected.

Thanks to dental implants, you are able to positively impact your normal speech so that you can engage in conversation with confidence. In addition to their ability to chew food, your teeth function as primary tools used for your speech. Together with your tongue, your teeth help to form sounds and provide structure so that specific words can be pronounced clearly when talking.

They look and function the same as natural teeth

Dental implants are a fantastic treatment option to consider when looking to replace missing teeth both naturally and subtly. One of the best advantages of having dental implants is that they offer discreet results and appear almost identical to your natural teeth. They can also be colour-matched to the shade of your teeth so they can blend in harmoniously.

Our dental practitioner at our practice will customise your implant to blend in perfectly with your existing teeth so that it appears as natural as possible and will be hard to distinguish from amongst your other teeth.

Snack on your favourite junk foods or indulge in dessert

Dental implants are also able to restore your ability to eat those foods that were previously off limits as a result of your missing teeth or loose dentures. This treatment option will assist you with the freedom of choice when it comes to ordering a meal in a restaurant or making family dinners at home. Dental implants will help to play a key role in your ability to chew as they fill in the gaps and make eating food an enjoyable experience once more.

Dental implants in Ipswich are comfortable and offer no pain or discomfort

Did you know that following the procedure you will be able to enjoy the comfort that dental implants offer? As they are securely fitted into your jawbone to help stimulate the root, this will assist to strengthen your artificial tooth in the process. Eventually your jawbone will begin to firmly hold on to the titanium rod and this will affect the overall stability of the implant. The final result is a durable, long-lasting implant that will look and function like your natural teeth making the implant more comfortable.

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