Straightening teeth without braces; Invisalign aligners!


You no longer need a brace to straighten teeth; more and more orthodontic conditions are being resolved without the need of any bulky brackets or archwires, which also has a more discreet effect on the appearance of the teeth too. Let’s see how we use Invisalign in Ipswich.

Orthodontic treatments have definitely changed, with the number of adults looking to correct misalignments growing, but their demands and expectations are quite different to those of the adolescent patients associated with braces. This has really helped fuel the growth of Invisalign in Ipswich at our practice and other low impact orthodontic treatments that are not only much harder to spot, but also place less demands on you with their maintenance and cleaning, making them far more compatible with the lifestyle of a working professional.

Invisible aligners

Invisalign in Ipswich is an extremely elegant solution to the age-old orthodontic problem; how do we progressively push teeth into a better alignment, but with as little impact on the patient’s life as possible? It is a progression of the dental splints that started in the 1970s, but with the help of computer-aided design and anatomical modelling, has produced a smart aligner solution.

This, along with the growth in 3D printing technology has allowed Invisalign clear aligners to become the most widely available in the UK.

Quick straight teeth

A whole system of orthodontic tools can be used in combination or sequentially to help our patients. Sometimes it involves a light replacement of the brace, sometimes with an aligner based treatment to end the realignment process. Either way, the goal is to perform the orthodontic treatment as rapidly as possible. It is best used for cosmetic realignments rather than any altering molar position, but under good guidance, it can be the fastest treatment option available to most patients.

Inman aligner

Inman aligners make up a removable hybrid system and an almost perfect halfway house between aligners and braces. It has a few strategic metal components, but nothing like those in standard braces, giving it far more durability and allowing it to apply more force.

A metal bar goes across the front of the teeth, which is assisted by a pair of bars going across the back. Between them, they can improve the horizontal alignment of the teeth drawing them in line. Its recommended daily use is 16 to 20 hours a day, with progress checks every two to three weeks. This is different from a standard brace, as it permits gaps in use every day. This can be particularly useful for meetings or public speaking events.


Everybody’s orthodontic needs vary and by providing a range of options, this allows our staff to direct you towards the most effective and not necessarily the most expensive treatment. This is one of the great advantages of having a well-trained professional who is in your corner not trying to sell any particular service. Unfortunately, this latter practice is seen when it comes to at-home dental kits for clear aligners all too often.

If you’re an adult who would like to address your orthodontic issues or have a family member who you think could use our help, feel free to get in contact with our practice, Quest Dental Care, or book a consultation. We are currently accepting new patients and are operating as normal within government guidelines.

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