Teeth straightening and teeth whitening in Ipswich


There are many factors that can affect the aesthetics of your smile and the health of your teeth. Visiting our dentist in Ipswich is important for a beautiful smile and healthy teeth. Here at Quest Dental Care, we can provide a wide range of cosmetic dental treatments that are designed to improve the aesthetics of your smile and boost your dental health at the same time. Whether you are suffering from misaligned teeth, yellow or stained teeth, chips and cracks in your teeth or missing teeth, here at Quest Dental Care, we have treatments to address your dental needs and fulfil your personal preferences.

The last few decades have seen significant advances in dental technology, and cosmetic dentistry has become easier, convenient and more accessible for everyone. Once upon a time, celebrities were the only ones flashing beautiful white smiles across our screens. But now, it is possible for everyone to do the same with good cosmetic dental care provided by our dentist in Ipswich.

Enlighten in Ipswich

Yellow teeth and teeth staining are some of the most common issues presented to our dentist in Ipswich for cosmetic dental treatment. Teeth staining can occur as a result of many different factors. Poor oral hygiene is the main cause of yellow and stained teeth. Lifestyle choices such as smoking and drug abuse can have significant effects on the appearance of your teeth as well as your dental health. Other factors such as your choice of diet can stain your teeth too; for example, those who drink multiple cups of coffee or glasses of red wine and cola may find that their teeth become stained over time. These factors can result in extrinsic staining, which affects the enamel of your teeth. This form of staining can be addressed by our dentist using teeth whitening.

We are proud to present the Enlighten teeth whitening system here at Quest Dental Care. You can whiten your teeth in the comfort of your own home, using teeth whitening gels prescribed by our dentist that consist of hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide. These chemicals act as bleaching agents and can break down the stain molecules on the surface of your enamel and restore its natural shine.

Intrinsic staining affects the dentin of your teeth, and it can occur as a result of an accident or injury, which results in trauma to your mouth. Some medications such as tetracycline can also cause intrinsic staining in your teeth. Excessive exposure to fluoride has also been found to cause intrinsic stains, which cannot be removed by teeth whitening procedures.

Intrinsic stains can be disguised with the use of composite bonding or veneers here at Quest Dental Care, which will not only address the colour of your teeth but also transform your smile completely. Speak to our dental team at Quest Dental Care today to find out more about teeth whitening and other cosmetic dental procedures, which can help improve the aesthetic appearance of your smile and boost your dental health.

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